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Di Billick is excited to be in her 6th run with Unlikely Company.

Billick takes the personal thoughts and moments we all have, and turns them into biting songs and unabashed sketches.  From honestly dirty to fearlessly honest, Di has taken our personal hopes (“Please Don’t Have a Weird Dick”), our deep questions (“Ass Sweat, or Period?”) and our silly, wicked moments to the stage.

A Second City Conservatory Alumni, Di is a proud sitcom writer and producer, and can also be seen as a dramatic actress in several films, commercials, and videos. Di stars in her sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, and can be seen performing solo and with her hairy boyfriend Dan.

She hails from the south side of Chicago, and only goes back for the Chinese food and acupuncture.


Liam Gallogly is completely surprised he’s been invited back for his 3rd year with Unlikely Company.

Gallogly pulls from real life experience to bring to the stage both absurd sketches and catchy songs, all backed by strong satirical statements. Liam delights in pushing the boundary of acceptable behavior on stage whether he is bouncing around as a sperm on a pogo stick or baring it all in “Butt Song.”

Gallogly can be seen performing all over the city with his improv group Jerk Store. He can also be found in the depths of the Internet poking fun at just about everything with his sketch duo Hard Candy.

From an early age in quiet Providence, Rhode Island, Gallogly had to compete for attention against his five brothers and two sisters. He quickly found that getting people to laugh and making lite of serious situations was his ONLY option.

In 2013, Gallogly graduated from Columbia College with a degree in filmmaking and has since been doing his best to combine his passion for both film and comedy.

Also Liam hates Brian Posen.

Ryan Kappmeyer is very excited to be returning to the stage for Unlikely Company’s 6th show.

Kappmeyer brings a boisterous energy and pulls from the absurd, random, and goofy parts of life. At times the ideas for his sketches seem to come from the furthest reaches of outer space. His pieces vary from the childhood innocence of a letter home from summer camp, to a bizarrely dark take on Mr. Clean commercials.

Kappmeyer can be seen performing all over the city with his improv group Jerk Store, or at the Playground Theater with his Incubator team Riff Raff.

Kappmeyer moved to Chicago proper in 2013, where he found his true passion of performing improv and sketch.  A Drake University graduate, he has trained at The Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and CIC.

Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Kappmeyer was the youngest of three in a family he describes as “painfully normal.” He’s had a true love for comedy ever since seeing the movie Stripes at the age of 7.  Ask him about the JFK assassination.


Brian Morrow is absolutely IMG_0620ecstatic to be back for his third straight year with Unlikely Company.

Morrow’s brain only has one mode: Epic. Meticulous structuring binds subversive satire with dazzling theatrics to create Brian’s dark and twisted style.

By the way, how do you think Brian’s bio is going so far? Not bad, right? Well that is until he got all meta in the third paragraph.

A Second City Conservatory graduate, Brian has also trained at iO and the NeoFuturarium. He performs Saturday mornings with the children’s musical improv team “Hogwash” and late Thursday nights with his weekly show “Talk Show, Interrupted.”

Anytime Brian is having a rough day, the voice of the most amazing mother in the whole world, Mrs. Morrow, pops into his head: “Don’t worry about it, you’re gonna be a star!”


IMG_3626Katie Nixon has been creating comedy and laughing her ass off in Chicago for five years.

Katie uses music and satire to bring levity to important topics such as gender equality, politics, and dicks in your face. Katie is the Smart Girl at the Party, unafraid of a historical reference. No matter how big her characters get, she always uses some part of her true self to inform what she does on stage.

Katie has trained extensively at The Second City, where she spent over a year performing with Infinite Sundaes, the Training Center’s musical house ensemble. She’s a veteran of MINt (Music Improv Night) at MCL Chicago and belts her face off in the all-female musical improv troupe After Party. Katie is half of the hyperactive sketch duo Rehner & Nixon, and is a former lady of Improvised Jane Austen.

Katie is a one-gal band, playing ukulele, banjo, dulcimer, and clarinet. After spending her childhood moving around the world (thanks to the US Army), she’s glad to have found a home in Chicago with Unlikely Company.   



Mollie Rehner is returning for her sixth run with Stage 773’s, Unlikely Company.

Known for her big characters and spunky personality, Mollie commands the stage with her rapping abilities, physical antics, and theatrical presentation.

A producer for The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival and Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Rehner also co-stars in her comedy duo Rehner & Nixon and makes people laugh all over the internet with her sketch and musical group Hard Candy. A former Late Night intern for Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, Rehner now performs all over Chicago, and has taken her comedy to festivals in Dallas and New York.

Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Rehner received her degree in broadcast journalism from Michigan State University. Rehner wrote for and directed her college sketch comedy show, Sideshow Comedy, for which she won an Emmy Award.

Rehner is always down to watch an episode of The Walking Dead and eats bowls of sour candy.